Septic & Wells

Groundwater and Wastewater Services approves and oversees private wells, wastewater treatment and disposal systems, and other regulated sites. These services protect public health through protection of groundwater resources.

Onsite Wastewater and Well Application

Please contact Clay County Health Department Environmental Health Division for current applications.

Well Construction Rules

On July 1, 2008, a permit to construct a private drinking water well in the state of North Carolina is required prior to any construction, repair, or relocation of a well in Clay County. An application and any applicable fees shall be paid prior to a site visit and issuance of a permit. All well contractors doing work in Clay County must register with the county prior to construction or repair of a well. An application for construction of a drinking water well in Clay County is available at our office.

Water Sampling

As a service to the citizens of Clay County, the Health Department will test water if samples are taken in accordance with rules governing water sampling. Testing of samples include bacteria and inorgainics. Places under inspection by the Environmental Health Division are sampled routinely. Please call or come by our office prior to collecting samples.

Sewage Disposal Application Process

Permits and approvals are issued in accordance with North Carolina sewage disposal rules and are required for new construction, repairs, alterations of existing systems, and prior to the issuance of building permits. Appropriate permits must be obtained and applicable fees paid prior to construction or repair of any system. Contact us for your permit.

System Installer Certification/Licensing

On January 1, 2008, all septic system installers in the State of North Carolina are required to be licensed. This certification is broken down into four grade levels. Level I, II, III, IV. Each grade level is specific to the type of system that is permitted or gallons per day generated for the proposed home or commercial establishment. This grade level will be noted on the Construction Authorization issued by the Clay County Environmental Health Division. Below is a link which contains necessary information for system installer certification, licensing, installer complaints, continuing education, and licensing renewal. The bottomcontains a list of certified installers by county.​Installer List by County:

Septic System Types

1. Conventional Gravel System – System widely used throughout the State of North Carolina . Due to increased technology in system types, no longer used much in the mountain counties. Why? Gravel systems take up a larger footprint on the site and are more labor intensive to install. 2. Innovative and Experimental Systems (a) Plastic Chambers (25 % Reduction System) Infiltrator Biodiffuser Envirochamber Cultec Contactor (b) Polystyrene aggregate (25% Reduction System) EEEZZZ Flow Drain Co. (c) Tire Chip aggregate (d) Drip Irrigation American Manufacturing Co. “Perc-Rite” Geoflow (e) Pretreatment/ATU’s
Sand, Peat, Biological Filters
Various manufactures listed on the states website with NSF-40, TS-I, TS-II approvals. *NOTE: 25% Reduction is a reduction in the total linear footage of a gravel system. 3. Gravelless Systems (a) Large Diameter Pipe 8” and 10” (b) Prefabricated permeable block panel system (PPBS)