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Family Planning

Family Planning Services

Clay County Health Department’s Family Planning Program provides comprehensive family planning and reproductive health services. Our purpose is to help plan pregnancies, prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce infant mortality, improve health, reduce health care costs, and help build a better future for women, men, and children. All Services are confidential.

Clay County Health Department (CCHD) provides Family Planning (FP) Services to males and females of childbearing age. If you need a physical exam, a reliable birth control method, or seeking pre-conception counseling then the FP program is for you. Payment for services is determined from a sliding fee schedule based on the patients family income. This allows most patients to receive free or reduced prices for services. If you have any questions about the FP program please give us a call at 828-389-8052.

Birth Control Methods offered through the Family Planning program:

· Mirena – IUD

· Paragard – IUD​

​· Kyleena – IUD

· Skyla – IUD

· Nexplanon – Implant

· Depo Provera – Injection

· Nuvaring

· Birth Control Pills

· Condoms

· Vasectomy (dependent on funding)

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Cost & Payment Information

Medicaid and most private insurance is accepted for Family Planning and Pregnancy Testing services. If you are uninsured or a self-pay client, these services will be provided to you on a sliding scale. Your income and family size will determine your fee.

Please call for an appointment.

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